Make Your Case

Dr. Tepp provides Forensic Services with carefully constructed, in-depth and probing interviews. Clear and comprehensive reports with internally consistent conclusions. Whether in the office, online, or on the stand, Dr. Alan Tepp draws on over 30 years of practical experience in clinical psychology, extensive forensic training, and proven expertise that may help attorneys avoid a trial. He has shown a long history of making  the right calls: on child custodyparental fitness, assessments, evaluations for termination of parental rights, pre-employment, fitness for duty, diminished responsibility, and sexual abuse.

Make the Right Choice

When recommendations offered can change the course of someone’s life, attorneys need to locate a forensic evaluator who will approach every investigation with an open mind and leave nothing to chance. Dr. Tepp’s focused evaluations utilize research findings, multiple forensic interviews, a careful review of records, collateral contacts, and psychological testing that aim to cut through highly charged emotions and complex, contradictory information to sort out the most relevant facts that will reveal the optimal path forward.